“When a business creates an Exceptional Employee Experience,
the rest just falls into place” 

Venkiah HR Consulting partners with business owners and HR Leaders to understand their current employee experience and support them to build and deliver a strategy to engage, motivate and retain talent.

Understanding new business visions and listening to established business challenges, Venkiah HR Consulting has a unique ability to turn those challenges into opportunities through the development of Exceptional Employee Experience strategies and supporting frameworks.

With no one-size fits all solution for each business, there are multiple products available at the touch of a button in real time. More specific projects and services can be discussed via a no obligation discovery call.

Meet Kelly Venkiah…

Founder of Venkiah HR Consulting

Hi, and thank you for taking the time to visit my website.

Having worked in Human Resources for 20 years, with the majority of that being for a well-known international online retail and technology giant, I have experienced most of the business and people related challenges and opportunities across the entire business and employee lifecycle.

Leading in a Generalist and Specialist capacity across their multiple businesses with local, national, and international reach has provided me with a unique, diverse and extensive people portfolio. It has also provided the opportunity for me to naturally gravitate towards my HR passion, the Employee Experience. Now I am in control of my own destiny, my vision for Venkiah HR Consulting is to help businesses create and sustain exceptional Employee Experiences for the ultimate win/win scenario.

You can hear more about my journey in to HR Consulting and my views relating to Organisation Effectiveness below:


Venkiah HR Consulting Packages

All Venkiah HR Consulting Packages start with a positive employee experience and develops from there. Ensuring that businesses are not just legally compliant, but are enhanced so they stand apart and engage your teams.

  Good EX Package

Off-the-shelf EX templates you can personalise to your business*, these can include:

• Employee Survey questions

• EX Calendar promoting Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

• New Hire Onboarding plan complete with guidance

• Re-Onboarding plan for returning employees
complete with guidance

• Leaver questions complete with guidance

• Access to verified benefits providers with focus on EX

*Any bespoke needs will be charged depending on the requirement
Best Value

Better EX Package

Good EX Package plus:

• 2 x 45 minute meetings to understand current business strategy & structure

• Employee Experience Audit facilitated by Venkiah HR Consulting plus findings report*

• Bespoke Employee Survey plus analysis facilitated by Venkiah HR Consulting

*Any travel required will be at the cost of the client and will be added to
invoices with proof of purchase. Mileage will equate to 45p/mile

Best EX Package

Good and Better EX Packages plus:

• EX Strategy document for business

• Full day or 2 half day virtual EX strategy training
session for Leaders & Managers

• Communications plan for EX strategy implementation

• Complimentary EX strategy review
after 12 months

Other services

Other services are on offer outside of the package range, check out the below:

Employee Experience Mentorship

Employee Experience Change Management Projects

HR Tech implementations

Business & HR Mentorship

Price to be agreed once requirements are fully understood